HR Assistant
for Employee
Experience Automation

A chatbot that cares
about employees
and saves HR resources
A set of solutions for recruiting, preboarding, onboarding, internal networking, access to HR services, training,
and offboarding.

Системы для автоматизации HR-процессов

What our clients' success looks like:
  • 50%
    lower turnover
  • 30%
    faster onboarding
  • 25%
    higher engagement
  • 70%
    less routine
Solutions for each stage
of the Employee Journey Map
Integrated Training
Filling Out Applications
Permissions & Equipment
Cultural Immersion
Regular Events
Communicating with a Supervisor
Communicating with the Team
Career Development
F2F Interaction
Career Growth
Management Changes
Key Events
Jury Duty
Losing Employee Status
Exit Interview
Farewell Party
Company Exit Process
Alumni Club
Meet the bots
for your HR tasks
  • For recruiting

    • CVs from different sources are all in one place
    • Schedule interviews
    • Track your recruitment funnel

    … and 14 more tasks

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  • For onboarding

    • Information about the company and corporate culture
    • Necessary documents
    • Automate organizational questions
    • Get to know the supervisor and coworkers
    • Pulse surveys
    • Emotional support

    … and 28 more tasks

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  • For a single entry point to HR services
    • Corporate Knowledge Base
    • HR services
    • Training
    • References, sick days, time off
    • Perks & benefits
    … and 22 more tasks

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  • Random Coffee

    • Meetings with coworkers (1-on-1 or in groups)
    • Settings customization for combining teams: by department, competency, interests, etc.
    • Gathering feedback

    … and 23 more tasks

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  • Chatbots for Training
    • Issuing assignments
    • Assessing mastery of the material
    • Joint Learning, Group Work
    • Support for HiPo and HiPro programs
    and 34 more tasks

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  • Offboarding Automation
    • Employee Retainment
    • Exit Interviews
    • Reference and Document Collection
    and 17 more tasks

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Set-up Process Assistance
Ease of Implementation
Configuration Flexibility
Our Satisfied Customers
As a result HR is free to engage in more strategic and creative work while employees feel welcomed and involved
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